Fundraising Project

Digital Hymnal Project

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin£2,500£3,075Raised £3,075 towards the £2,500 target.123%  Live music would always be the first choice, however finding an organist is not always possible. The digital hymnal is a fantastic little box that can be loaded with the music of all the hymn books we currently use. It is easy to operate and can be used for worship outside and at alternative venues as well as in both the Blairdaff and Chapel of Garioch church buildings.

We will be organising a series of fundraising projects with the aim of funding this purchase. We are starting with an old favourite of filling an empty smartie tube with 20p pieces. Full tubes are available at both churches; please take one, enjoy the sweets and return the tube with your donation.

Ruth and Trevor put together another great quiz last Saturday night (22/9) and £610 was raised towards the digital hymnal. Many thanks to them and to everyone who came along to take part.

The winners of the quiz sheet were Mr & Mrs Stannett

Due to a very generous donation of £1500, we have now reached our target and the Digital Hymnal will be ordered. Please continue to return filled smartie tubes as there are a few extras that would be nice to be able to buy if the funds are available.